sandwich poll

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A new school

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I graduated from 5th grade at twin oaks elementary school [TOES] 3 months later I was a little scarred and nervous When i went to a new school in 2009 the school is called……. K E N N E D Y M I D D L E  S C H O O L

By your super hot guy hayden

Switching schools in 2003

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I hayden swiched schools from edgewoord to twin oaks elementary school  in 2003


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I like Christmas very very very very much!! I like the name Christmas because a long long long long time ago Christ was born. This Christmas we’re going to [Paridise] That means Hawaii.  I’m going to Hawaii December 16-December 27.  At my house I eat lots of food but I don’t know the food we eat.  The people I know that come over their names are Uncle Rob, Uncle Steve, Uncle Mark, Aunt Meme her name is [Amy]. The kids that are my cousins, their names are Owen, Ashley, Griffin, Cole.

My Weekend!!!!/My favorite thing in the world.

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On Saturday morning we went to Barnes and Nobel Bookshop and got a magazine Airports Of The World Issue 26.

On Sunday I was sick I had a cold and i took some medicine and pills.

My favorite thing in the world is Airplanes and Airports, and Airport Magazine’s.

Hello world!

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